EXECUTIVE STRATEGIC COUNSEL – We give straight talk that comes from decades of hands-on experience in Florida and worldwide. Our senior Miami PR leadership has a combined 50+ years of experience and they will listen, devise plans and advise. We ultimately serve as business consultants, helping the C-suite determine their top goals and objectives looking forward to the next 1-5 years. Once the direction is decided, we design our communications plans to support the business plan. The Conroy Martinez Group Miami PR firm principals have counseled CEOs, CFOs and CMOs in the healthcare, real estate, shopping center, hospitality, education and banking industries over the years. The overarching strategies remain the same: to support increasing the company’s bottom line.

We have partnered with many C-Suite executives over the years in deciding the best direction for the company. We work hand in hand with the C-suite to determine how the company is going to adjust to the changing economic or technological environments. Staying nimble is what it is about and the only way for multimillion-dollar corporations to do that is with future and long-range planning. The Miami PR firm is proud to have partnered with many U.S. and Latin American brands, ensuring that they remain competitive in their industries for years to come.