Who We Are and What We Do

The Conroy Martinez Group is a Miami based PR, Marketing and Digital Media firm that partners with our clients to solve their communications problems with creative campaigns and strategic planning. We understand that the bottom line is YOUR bottom line and make every effort to increase ROI. It is why many of our client relationships last for years, even decades. 

In today’s business environment, we fully comprehend that there are 4 types of media 1) Paid 2) Earned 3) Shared and 4) Owned. Our industry calls it  ‘PESO.’

PAID MEDIA - external marketing efforts that involves paid placement. Paid media includes all forms of advertising.
EARNED MEDIA (or Free Media) - Publicity gained through media relations efforts.
SHARED MEDIA – Shared Media refers to all of the platforms of Social Media. This can be free placements or paid digital advertising.
OWNED MEDIA - Anything under a companies' direct control such as websites, newsletters, catalogs and blogs.  

We strive to keep ahead of the curve or reset the bar on all media systems to support your business goals and objectives. The Conroy Martinez Group is a bi-cultural, bilingual (English-Spanish) agency equipped to provide cutting-edge media placements, social media expertise including digital advertising, award-winning writing and other social media needs with limitless creativity. 

And above all, we have deep experience in the companies, products and strategies that work for clients. From Healthcare PR to Banking and Finance PR, Real Estate PR to Construction PR, Consumer PR to non-profit organizations, our team is ready for your challenge. 

Clients have often called us a “Publicity Machine” because we ensure our media relations get them featured in targeted publications, broadcast media and the full spectrum of social media. We handle comprehensive Branding and Creative PR campaigns brimming with new communications ideas. We are celebrated in the PR industry for our award-winning social responsibility campaigns. We consistently look for strategic partnerships to elevate our PR clients in new and exciting ways.

Photo of CL and Jorge together. Toasting each other with cafécito

Founded 29 years ago by C.L. Conroy and later joined by partner Jorge Martinez, the Agency is an active member of The Public Relations Global Network, one of the world’s top international Public Relations networks. More than 50 independently owned and operated PR firms in 80 markets belong to the invitation-only network. Collectively, PRGN firms have revenue in excess of $110 million, employ more than 1,000, and operate 65 offices. 

Reach the world from here.

The Conroy Martinez Group is the Florida affiliate of PRGN (link) and works regularly with our U.S., Latin American, Canadian, Asian and European agency partners. Together, we create strategic, successful Public Relations and Marketing campaigns that deliver results for our clients.

Wherever you choose to grow your business, we are there.