According to a recent poll of businesses, most companies believe it is only crucial to hire a PR agency when the company faces a crisis and is under a media microscope. While hiring a PR firm is important when your company is facing a crisis, it is important to have a PR agency all year round no [...]

Now more than ever, companies are looking at hiring a public relations agency to assist them with their marketing and branding in order to support their business goals and objectives.  PR firms are an extension of your marketing department, allowing your company and your brand to reach and grow [...]

Having represented hundreds of companies over the course of our 29 years in business, there are certain themes that we have noticed that repeat themselves when it comes to public relations, marketing and social media. No one is immune to a crisis, but there are 5 situations you can avoid or [...]

Picture this: you are the successful business owner of an established company that has been around for 20+ years. Your marketing strategies are good, enough people know about your business and things have been (mostly) smooth sailing throughout the years. When one of your employees brings up the [...]

If you’ve been in business for half a decade or more, you are keenly aware of social media. We occasionally find that clients who have been in business for much longer than that are not as knowledgeable about the maturity of social media and its advertising reach as a paid segment of any marketing [...]