Best Communications Practices in the Era of COVID-19

Jun 23, 2020

Many things have changed in the last several months. Due to COVID-19, we are
working remotely, meeting virtually, distancing socially (a true oxymoron) and
even having our kids attend school virtually. So many things have changed. It is
easier to count the things that haven’t changed instead of the ones that have.

Luckily, sound Public Relations and Communications Best Practices really do not
change. They are simply more evident during a pandemic or a crisis. Here are five
best practices from Miami PR Firm The Conroy Martinez Group to keep in mind
during this era of COVID-19:

1. (Over) Communicate with your target market (customers,
internal/external audiences). Customers and employees are the most
important components of any business. During a pandemic especially, not
knowing is fear-inducing. The more information you can share with your
internal and external audiences, the better. Information sharing leads to trust
and confidence which are critical during any crisis and reaps rewards tenfold
when times are good.

2. Communicate with empathy. We are all in this together, or so the song
goes. If that truly is the case, be mindful of what you say and how you say it
as a company. Words matter. Be thoughtful in your writing and try to put
yourself in the shoes of your employees and your customers. Witty might
sound snarky and confident might sound condescending. Tread lightly.

3. Be a media darling. Be ready for media opportunities at any time. Media
opportunities can arise at any moment – be it a pandemic, racial injustice,
the vaccine or the economy. If your company can speak about issues that are
trending in the media, make yourself available. Have several trained
spokespeople to address the various topics. This will continue to position
you as a leader in your field.

4. Have contingency plans. Now more than ever, we all know that
contingency plans are important. Do you know what you will do if 25% of
your business goes on “pause” during the pandemic? When things change
dramatically, do you have a backup plan? Who are the decision makers in
your company whom you will call upon to pivot and drive the new business?

Have contingencies for each client and their corresponding target markets.
Times change and we must keep up.

5. Ask for help. Drastic times call for drastic measures. What do you need to
do differently to make your business thrive and survive? You may need to
call upon experts outside the company for advice and counsel. Do you need
to talk to your accountant, lawyer and banker to move things around? Don’t
be afraid to ask for help.

Whether your business is six months old or 60 years old, best practices in
integrated public relations, marketing and social media campaigns can only help
you deliver your message time and time again. Yes, we are in a pandemic, but
business moves on. Decide to move with it or be swept away.

About Us: The Conroy Martinez Group leads our clients in strategic public
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our Miami PR firm has paved the way when it comes to integrated communications
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