How to recognize If Your Business Needs a PR Consultant

Nov 15, 2019

According to a recent poll of businesses, most companies believe it is only crucial to hire a PR agency when the company faces a crisis and is under a media microscope. While hiring a PR firm is important when your company is facing a crisis, it is important to have a PR agency all year round no matter if the company is in good standing or not. The purpose of public relations is to build a brand for your company and to support the organization’s objectives. Here are 4 key points to recognize if your business needs a PR agency: 

  • Your Business Neglects PR/ Marketing 

A business cannot be successful without a strategic PR / Marketing strategy. Your company needs the support of a strategic PR and Marketing campaign to support your goals and objectives. PR agencies support their client’s brand to ensure it is has top of mind awareness among the target audience.  As a Miami public relations firm, we generate a strategy to create compelling stories to draw your company’s target audience, increase your company’s profile and build brand awareness. With the appropriate messaging and strategy, PR increases your credibility as a stable and potentially profitable investment target.

  • If your business’ story is not being told

PR firms help companies tell their story. Most businesses have a unique and compelling story behind their products or services that the public would be interested in hearing.  PR firms create a storyline to let your target audience be informed about why this product or service could benefit them. We create a well-focused message to your target audience by pitching to the appropriate media outlets. 

  • Your competitors are on the news, but not you 

You are losing market share by your competitors if they are being quoted or mentioned by the media regularly. As a PR firm, we monitor your competitors’ activities on social media and online. We position your business as the expert in your industry by talking to media outlets with relevant, engaging and valuable stories about your company. We connect your business with organizations, speaking engagements or events to build your company’s credibility which can lead to new business opportunities and an increase in sales, new customers or clients.

  • Your Company needs lead generation 

Effective public relations and marketing campaigns align with the company’s business plan. PR firms can improve business outcomes by supporting the sales effort to generate new leads. PR firms design marketing, digital and PR campaigns that reach your target markets in several ways. It takes 9 touch points to be noticed by your target market. Integrated campaigns are very effective in achieving this goal.  But it has to be consistent to achieve desired results.
Every business in every industry will benefit from a consistent PR and Marketing campaign. Included in this integrated mis is social media and digital advertising. PR firms control the content on companies’ behalf, helping them to increase business and grow to their full potential.

About Us: The Conroy Martinez Group leads our clients in strategic public relations, marketing and social media campaigns that work. For almost 30 years, our Miami PR firm has paved the way when it comes to integrated communications campaigns. We help you tell a story that translates to success.