If you’ve been in business for half a decade or more, you are keenly aware of social media. We occasionally find that clients who have been in business for much longer than that are not as knowledgeable about the maturity of social media and its advertising reach as a paid segment of any marketing [...]

In today’s competitive business environment, banks and financial services firms need an ongoing PR, social and digital media communications plan in place to not only raise their profile, but to support their overall sales initiatives.  Banks and financial institutions need to stay one step ahead by [...]

5 Things that Still Hold True in PR

In the midst of the latest sponsored social media metrics and podcasts, Facebook live posts and Twitter crisis, there are a few things that remain as true as when I embarked on my career in Public Relations and Marketing 37 years ago. Yes, we used typewriters, soon after computers, had crinkly fax [...]

How to Handle ‘fake news’ in Today’s Fast-Paced Media Environment

For those of us who work in the public relations industry, upholding our clients’ reputations to certain standards is a must. But when ‘fake news’ begins to circulate among several media outlets, mostly online and social media platforms, it can ruin a brand’s image, and its reputation in the public [...]

A Day in the Life of Miami PR Firm Professional

The hectic world of Public Relations is fun and exciting.  Ask any PR Professional what they like best about PR, they may say that every day is different.  Whether you are at a media event or handling a crisis situation, no two days are the same.  That being said, here’s a typical day in the life [...]