Top 5 things to consider when hiring a Public Relations Firm

Nov 1, 2019

Now more than ever, companies are looking at hiring a public relations agency to assist them with their marketing and branding in order to support their business goals and objectives.  PR firms are an extension of your marketing department, allowing your company and your brand to reach and grow your target audiences and support sales.  Here are the top five things to consider before signing that contract: 

  • Chemistry is crucial.  You are not going to marry your PR firm, but you are going to be dating them for a long time, so you need to like them in order to have a good client-agency relationship.  You’ll be in constant communication with them. In addition, you will be providing them sensitive business information. Therefore, trust and similar core values should be taken into consideration.  
  • Expertise and market knowledge.  Just like in real estate, location is very important in addition to expertise and market knowledge when it involves public relations.  Having years of experience in strategic communications and market knowledge of the business environment for your industry is advantageous.  For example, a PR firm’s executive leadership team must be well versed on your business climate for them to make introductions, connections, and offer strategic communications that help you get the business results you desire. 
  • Size does not matter.  One of the biggest misconceptions is to think that a global PR agency is going to deliver better results than a mid-sized or boutique agency.  Bigger isn’t always better. As you research PR firms that suit your needs, look for an agency that is going to develop custom communications programs tailored and aligned with your business goals and objectives. For example, at our Miami PR firm, we have handled US launches of corporations and products many times over. Your company is a big fish in a smaller agency pond, garnering more attention. 
  • It’s all about Quality not Quantity.  Placing stories in the media about your company or brand is essential.  However, keep in mind that it’s not about getting hundreds of mentions in news articles that reach hundreds of people that are not relevant to your business.  You want your PR agency to secure solid media interviews with key media outlets that reach and speak to your target audience.  
  • What is going to be my ROI.  Measuring your PR results is one of the most important aspects of your communications campaign.   The Return on Investment (ROI) is fundamental for company executives and hired PR firms alike so make sure you both set realistic expectations and achievable goals. Measuring your PR campaign’s ROI is about knowing where and how much you want to move the needle.  

As your company embarks on this PR-hiring journey, remember to keep these five things in mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions that touch on these considerations.  Here’s to a successful hiring of a PR firm!

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