Agency Launched Aubio Cold Sore Medicine to the National and B2B Media


Entering a market long- dominated by a single brand was a daunting task for Aubio Life Sciences to undertake. However, in partnership with The Conroy Martinez Group, a specialist in consumer products PR, their brand gained widespread consumer awareness and market share. 

The key competitor, Abreva, had a long established and commanding market presence and excellent name recognition in the marketplace, as well as familiarity both by pharmacists and consumers alike. Reaching those diverse audiences would require the establishment of credibility with professional, both doctors and pharmacists, as well as name recognition for the product among consumers.


It was important for the firm to quickly focus on the unique aspects of both the product and the credibility of its CEO. Aubio Life Sciences, led by world renowned entrepreneur and environmental activist, John Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchell fame. The product had a unique and different ingredient that went all the way back to Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking ‘Origin of the Species’.

Historically, one of the most frequently asked questions by customers of their pharmacists is about cold sore medications. The agency needed to formulate a plan that would inform consumers, pharmacists and doctors about the naturally sourced key ingredient and the more rapid results that could be achieved by Aubio.

That the key ingredient was extracted from a carnivorous plant first utilized by native Americans and brought to the attention of the wider world audience by none other than Charles Darwin, provided both credibility and a powerful story angle upon which to begin to build the brand building and product PR campaign.  

Additionally, the company founder’s unique background story provided re-assurance to consumers that the product had both quality and credibility. 
Using a variety of feature approaches to tap into consumer and professional market media, The Conroy Martinez Group used the ‘carnivorous plant and modern medical wonder’ story along with fashion and makeup-oriented stories on what to carry in your make-up supplies, i.e. “What’s in Your Make-up Bag?” This approach appealed strongly to fashion and other women’s magazines. The naturally derived ingredient also allowed reach into many health and nutrition publications.


The agency secured scores of national and regional consumer product placements, in consumer and trade/B2B publications, as well as health and medical print and online media and the vast health and beauty blogger community. 

Additionally, placement of the product in that year’s Oscar’s Goodie Bag garnered national television, radio and print exposure. National pharmacy, dermatology, grocer and health industry trade publications welcomed a natural and effective alternative to the marketplace and began to secure market share for the medication.