Jamaica Tourist Board  Luxury Brands


The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) wanted to raise awareness of the luxury market in Jamaica, increasing the number of high-end travelers to the island nation.

Jamaica had been known for more affordable vacations through heavily promoted all-inclusive resorts as well as value hotels.

The island had encountered some negative press over the years. However, the agency had implemented the national public relations campaign to overcome these issues successfully. Now that there were many new luxury brands to promote, the timing was right.

The Conroy Martinez Group represented the Jamaica Tourist Board, Air Jamaica, Sandals and Beaches Resorts. Throughout the years, we created strategic events and programs, ranging from  “Inside Jamaica” events in the island nation to “Jamaica Week” in high-traffic upscale shopping centers throughout the U.S. Themes were designed to feature small boutique hotels, culinary delicacies and the luxury hotels.


We targeted the major U.S. markets with gateways to Jamaica including South Florida, Tampa, Orlando, Houston, Dallas and Atlanta to participate in one of several Press Trips. Our New York affiliate handled the northeastern and Chicago gateways. We invited upscale media from those markets to participate in a Press Trip where they would either stay or eat and tour three of the luxury brand hotels. The purpose of the program was to show that 1) Jamaica had luxury products and 2) was a beautiful as well as safe vacation destination.

We worked closely with the JTB’s tourism partners to organize an itinerary that would reflect our message, and included a yacht outing, waterfall excursions, fine dining and upscale shopping amid the mix of hotels.

We partnered with the hotels, airlines, restaurants and attractions throughout every press trip and promotion. To maximize the budget, we secured free hotel stays, airfare, meals and attraction entry passes. We established and cultivated excellent relationships during our 13 years, keeping multiple partners happy and involved.


We invited journalists to Jamaica from such publications as Elle, Marie Claire, Vanidades, Elegant Bride, Season Magazine (Atlanta), D Magazine (Dallas), Naples Magazine and many more. Hoteliers participated enthusiastically as well. Some of the luxury brands included Round Hill, Ritz Carlton Rose Hall, Tryall Club and the Half Moon Resort.

Press coverage was very positive, with feature stories on several of the hotels.  Coverage was spread out over months and years providing a momentum for the luxury hotel brands of Jamaica. The program continues as part of the overall public relations and marketing program for the island.