Mayfair Hotel & Spa’s Year of Miami Vices


The Mayfair Hotel & Spa – one of Miami’s first boutique hotels – opened in 1984 to national and international acclaim as one of Miami’s leading luxury properties. Through the years, however, the hotel suffered from negative reviews and perceptions of neglect to the property, decline in the quality of the room-product and F&B, and poor customer service. The new owners of the hotel (also owners of the Palm Beach’s prestigious boutique hotel The  Brazilian Court), implemented $10 million in renovations and hired the agency in 2013 to help turnaround this negative image and re-position The Mayfair to national media and feeder markets nationwide.

The challenge was to produce a creative campaign that could cut through the competitive clutter from newer and more prominent boutique hotels that were also aiming at our target audiences.


We created a re-launch campaign to introduce the “new” Mayfair Hotel & Spa. Our anchor for this re-launch would be the Mayfair’s 30th anniversary year, cascading throughout the 2014 year with multiple promotions and events happening during each quarter.

The agency conducted in-depth research and creative brainstorming sessions to devise a powerful strategy to position the hotel’s 30th anniversary, its extensive renovations and new management – replacing the existing negative perceptions with a new image of the property. For this, we identified an opportunity to marry the plan with a matching story angle that would resonate:  The extremely popular television program Miami Vice would also be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2014!

A shared birthday and a common destiny …The TV series had even filmed several episodes at the original Mayfair Hotel throughout its run in the 1980s, and the show became famous for shining the global spotlight back onto the Miami destination. Miami Vice is recognized as a cultural trailblazer – the first show to use original popular music from current Top 40 charts; ushering in new styles of filming; focusing heavily on fashion; and featuring many famous guest-stars. There were many touchstones to connect our target audiences with.  

The stage was set to map out an 18-month national publicity campaign (starting six months before the anniversary year) that would come across as fun, enticing, sexy and very memorable.  We kicked off the program with the announcement of the hotel’s Miami Vices yearlong campaign to the national, regional and local media. Communiques and pitches were made to journalists, inviting them on media familiarization tours and press visits to experience the new Mayfair Hotel.  


Just as our national press coverage began to appear about the hotel’s 30th anniversary campaign (and leading up to the outrageously media-friendly Miami Vices New Year’s Escape promotion), we took the hotel General Manager on a media mission to New York, successfully securing one-on-one appointments with such national press as The New York Times, Travel + Leisure, The Knot, Maxim Magazine, Luxury Travel Advisor, Elite Traveler Magazine and more.

News stories (and millions of media impressions) resulted throughout the entire year in multiple national outlets -- propelling the hotel’s brand nationwide and positioning a new, positive image of The Mayfair Hotel & Spa. Feature stories and editorial placements, media visits to the hotel and valuable new connections for the client as a result of this campaign include stories in the print, online and broadcast press—The New York Times, Thrillist, Trend Luxury, LA Times, CNN International, National Geographic Traveler and too many more to mention.

The Kicker …During the month of September, to mark the official “birthday” of the very first Miami Vice episode and the show’s 30th anniversary, several media throughout South Florida and nationwide published feature stories about the show’s legacy and its cultural imprint. By having established a prominent connection and brand awareness for the hotel’s shared 30th anniversary, many of these stories included mention of The Mayfair Hotel & Spa (even if their editorials mourned the fact that Don Johnson spoiled the party by declaring he simply was not keen on participating in a reunion).