Community Relations

COMMUNITY RELATIONS – We have deep experience with community outreach, marketing directly to the target market(s), and reaching influencers through strategic campaigns that hold the eyes and ears of your key audiences.

There can be no business without community support, and that support can be earned through a continuous effort of establishing lasting bonds and relationships with the people and organizations that you serve, by becoming an active participant in your community. The At Conroy Martinez Group, we are experts in relationship-building with a very thorough knowledge of Community Relations, possessing extensive experience in Community Outreach, Marketing directly to your Target Market, and reaching Influencers through Strategic Campaigns. It helps that our Miami PR agency has deep roots in the communities we serve and beyond. One of the most reputable PR firms in Miami, The Conroy Martinez Group has served as Public Relations counselors for organizations far and wide, not only in South Florida, but in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.

From healthcare, to shopping centers, real estate and non-profit clients, for three decades, we have served clients in a wide range of industries. We will help you establish a solid Community Relations program that will have a lasting, positive impact in the success of your business. Whether it is increasing your community involvement, sponsoring or taking part in civic activities, supporting or launching a campaign, holding informational or educational events and speakers bureaus, participating in local government, joining your local chamber of commerce and more, The Conroy Martinez Group is your top choice as Community Relations experts, as one of the most reputable and successful PR firms in Miami. We hope to be with you at your next local chamber meeting and look forward to helping you achieve much success!