MIAMI - September 23, 2020 – The Conroy Martinez Group, a global public
relations, marketing and social media firm is celebrating its 30th year in business
as a Miami based PR firm, a unique testament to longevity in a transient world.

“Awards and achievements, success for our clients and longevity, expertise and
building relationships – these are the necessary qualities that have allowed The
Conroy Martinez Group to mark their 30th year,” Ms. Conroy said.

The agency has worked with such blue-chip clients as: Bacardi, Taubman, Coca
Cola, NFL, Cirque du Soleil, Hilton, United Healthcare, the American Red Cross
and many more. The Conroy Martinez Group (CMG) provides public relations,
social media, marketing, and digital advertising to English and Spanish speaking
regional, national and international audiences in the U.S. and Latin America.
In 1990, C.L. Conroy, President and CEO started Conroy Communications, Inc.
Her first intern was Jorge Martinez who was a senior at the University of Miami.
In 2001, the firm was renamed The Conroy Martinez Group to reflect their

“One of the secrets of CMG’s development was the focus of the principles working
closely with the C-Suite to help them reach their business goals,” Mr. Martinez
said. The firm’s targeted industries include: Banking, Tourism, Health Care, Real
Estate, Retail/Shopping Centers and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
campaigns. CMG has always prided itself on client retention. While the industry
average for retaining a client is less than three years, CMG’s average is 10 years,
according to Ms. Conroy.

The firm has been a part of the Public Relations Global Network for almost 10
years. PRGN has 50 owner-run, and independent agencies around the world.
These are located throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.
“We decided strategically to grow our company with more national and
international clients. So, it was a natural fit to join PRGN 10 years ago,” said Ms.
Conroy. “Our clients were asking for a more global reach and we wanted to
provide it. So now our biggest clients are focused on Latin America and the U.S.,
both nationally and internationally.”

Globally recognized, the agency has been on the list of top 25 PR agencies in
South Florida and has won many international and national awards for its strategic
and integrated PR and Marketing campaigns. The awards include: PR News,
Bulldog Reporter, Public Relations Global Network awards, Agency of the Year
award by the Latin Builders Association, and many more.

Photo Cutline: Partners C.L. Conroy and Jorge Martinez with Jamie Diamond,
chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase