Digital Advertising

DIGITAL ADVERTISING – We manage and create digital campaigns that are designed for lead generation to support your sales and your brand. It’s never been more important to have a strong presence in the ever-changing world of Digital Advertising. And The Conroy Martinez Group Miami PR Agency knows digital. We go beyond the hashtag and buzz words to reach your audience with campaigns that create experiences that your customers keep coming back to. Since the beginning and even prior to the digital trend, the Miami PR Firm has been a pioneer in the digital world arena launching digital applications for B2B clients, managing and creating digital campaigns designed for lead generations to support their sales efforts and brands. Whether your audience prefers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or your company’s website, we make it happen in a big way. And yes, we help you get more “Likes” and more “Followers” that matter; more conversions and more responses to e-mails. We keep you front and center with your industry’s Influencers and make sure that you rank high on Google searches. From service firms, to travel and tourism, airlines and entertainment, we have positioned our clients to succeed and thrive in the online arena, by creating winning content marketing strategies and campaigns that work across a variety of platforms and serve diverse audiences, choosing the right channels for you, identifying your target market, your audience, the current trends, and brand measuring, using the best statistic tools available, to ultimately help you connect with your customers and to increase your brand awareness and bottom line. The Conroy Martinez Group is ahead of the curve among the PR Firms in Miami when it comes to digital advertising.