INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS – The internal target audiences important to our client’s needs will be handled with care and innovative tactics—your customers, employees, alumni and more. Among Public Relations firms in Miami, The Conroy Martinez Group knows how to effectively communicate with all your audiences, whether it is your customers or employees. Our Public Relations Miami agency reflects the international population that our international city, Miami, enjoys, and we know that your Internal audiences, whether it is your professional staff, your customers, your employees as a whole or your alumni, are your most important assets. Our bilingual, bicultural team knows how to help our clients be more successful in today’s world. We know the value of Internal Communications and how it can positively affect your bottom line. Our team of communications professionals understands that keeping your internal audiences included as a big part of your company is vital to that bottom line. We are experts at keeping your internal audiences involved and informed through strategic communications using many of the tools included in our integrated marketing campaigns. With three decades of experience in the Miami Public Relations arena and as an established Miami PR agency, The Conroy Martinez Group has handled Internal Communications for clients in the banking, real estate, healthcare and financial industries as well as nationally recognized engineering firms, among many others. Our strategic approach to internal communications has included designing digital and print newsletters, special events, team-building efforts to foster a team mentality and team spirit, and many other internal communications efforts that keep your internal audiences informed and on the same wave length, and that create long-lasting positive results and loyalty among all your internal audiences.